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How fortunate we are to live in the time that we do. Everyday is a precious gift from our creator, who surrounds us with an abundance of wildlife to capture using the latest photographic technology.
We love sharing and talking about photography almost as much as creating the images. We hope to hear of your photo experiences, favorite shooting places, techniques that work for you as well as your own product reviews.
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Tim and Debbie Flanigan

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

(POMA) Professional Outdoor Media Conference

Greeting from LaPorte, IN, site of the 5th anniversary Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) business conference! We are excited to connect with as many attendees as possible, discover what is new in the outdoor industry from the corporate partners and absorb knowledge from the myriad of experts presenting! Two of the presenters are dear to my heart, Bill Konway Photography, a full-time outdoor photographer who "has shot everything from sunrises to sailing geese, Waylon Jennings to the Presidents Bush, and a Clinton thrown in for good measure" and my personal favorite, Tim Flanigan. They will team up and teach Lighting Outdoor Images, Shooting Set-Ups, 20 Digital Camera Tips and Photoshop-10 Must-Know Tips.
With today's "treadmill-fast" business and communications environment changes I need to run to keep up! POMA conferences are there with the cutting-edge experts on social media, digital marketing, photography / video, tax tips, webinars, computer tasks, book publishing, negotiating and information for a ton of interview and content generation opportunities! We will be exhausted when we get home, but absolutely pumped with enthusiasm and equipped to handle what is new in the business world....at least for THIS year!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hot Days of Summer

The hot days of summer have been brutal this year, with no sign of letting up! "Pixel", the office assistant, camera model and bird finder extraordinaire pauses to get a little wet and do a little muddin'. He takes his job seriously and deserves a little R & R! Thankfully, he works for dog biscuits!